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Company Formation Guidelines

Our dedicated team of company registration specialists can undertake the whole process of registering and maintaining your company, both in Cyprus as well as in a wide range of other jurisdictions from start to finish.


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Accounting, Auditing

and Tax

Our dedicated well-organised team audit, accounting and tax team ensures that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis.  


We audit:


  • Financial Audits

  • Internal Audits

  • Special Purpose Audits

  • Accounting Services



Our tax services includes:

  • Corporate Tax Services

  • Individual Tax Services

  • Value Added Tax Services

  • Other Tax Services


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Insolvency Service

Our office offers solvency services in the following areas:

  1. Personal Insolvency

  2. Personal Bankruptcy

  3. Companies Law amended regarding companies’ liquidation:

  4. Companies Law amended regarding companies’ debt restructuring:

  5. Insolvency Practitioners

Corporate Administration, Management and Commercial Services

Our comprehensive corporate management and commercial services expertise includes but not limited to:

●  Formation and administration (corporate management) of Cyprus Companies 
●  Formation and use of Trusts 
●  International Collective Investments Schemes 
●  Mergers & Acquisitions 
●  Cross-Border Transactions 
●  Accounting and International Tax Structures
●  Assisting in establishing fully locally stuffed and control management companies as well as their supervision on an ongoing basis.

We represent a large number of local, multinational and foreign companies and we have executed both simple as well as highly complex assignments on their behalf. Our services include the full range of corporate services from inception to the incorporation and continuous monitoring and update.

We also advise on the drafting, negotiation and implementation of shareholders’ agreements, on the incorporation of shareholders’ agreements in the Articles of Association of companies, on the companies’ management and annual operation, including capital increases, equity contribution and differentiation of class rights.

Our expertise for M&A is second to none as we have gained considerable expertise in providing our clients with a full package of solutions. Our expertise in this area includes but not limited to:

●  structuring of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
●  drafting and negotiating of agreements
●  general legal advice with respect to regulatory, securities, competition and labour matters.

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Recently the Cyprus Government by a Council of Ministers directive has decreed that citizens of third countries can secure permanent residence permit by investment.


  • Cyprus Permanent Residence can be secured by investing €300,000 in a house or flat.

  • Permanent residence is given in TWO MONTHS.

Banking, Finance

and Financial Services

Our Banking, Finance and Financial Services specialised section provides services starting from simple matters such as account opening documentation used by banks as well as covering the entire spectrum of banking instruments and products and extending to complicated matters as assistance in syndicated and bilateral lending, acquisition finance, refinancing and real estate financings.
Our banking clients include local and international commercial and investment banks, international finance organizations as well as government institutions.

Our Group Associates act both on behalf of borrowers and lenders in this complex field. Our services in this concern involve:
●  reviewing and/or drafting of the loan and security documentation
●  advice on the creation and perfection of different types of securities and securities law compliance
●  finance leasing, indemnities and guarantees
●  advice on corporate and tax matters, stamp duty and proper execution of documents.
●  Acting as Directors & Compliance officer for registered funds
●  Orders placing and execution with Cyprus and Athens Stock Exchanges
●  Acting as introducers for both local and international banks and obtaining special rates for the benefits of the clients
●  Assisting in the preparation and management of cash flow of the clients.
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